IRG Educational Series: Chalcogenide Glass Tutorial – Introduction

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At IRradiance Glass (we pronounce it “irradiance”), our goal is to provide our customers with the best engineering and scientific knowledge about our products—information that will help inform the decisions your company needs to make to move forward with new projects.   Whether you’re a project manager in the optics or photonics industry, a sales person, a technician on the fabrication floor, or a student, we have a passion for education, and we want to give you some of the technical details of what we do.

First of all, we make a special kind of infrared-transparent glass—chalcogenide glass. And we’re in the business of fulfilling prototype development projects and low- to medium- volume manufacturing jobs for optics and photonics applications.

We’d like to take some time in the next couple of weeks to review what these materials are, how they’re made, in what applications they’re useful, and the advantages and disadvantages of selecting this material over other infrared materials.

We would also like to engage the optics and photonics community to invite us to discuss other topics and provide more in-depth answers to questions that you might have about this glass material. We’ll list the upcoming blog topics below, and we want to get feedback from you about specific questions you want us to dig into.


We look forward to hearing from you—conversations on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.


Upcoming Topics:

The Infrared region of the electro-magnetic spectrum

Optical properties of infrared materials

Infrared Materials – selection and applications, pros/cons

Chalcogenide glasses – what are they how are they made?

Physics of chalcogenide glasses

Special advantages of chalcogenide glasses – hot forming, mechanical and thermal


photo: CLASSIC-6 spherical preforms used for optical molding applications IRradiance Glass, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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IRradiance Glass, Inc. (IRG) is a manufacturing, research and product development company, specifically focused on the compositional design and hot forming of chalcogenide glasses.