IRradiance Glass moves to new R&D and pilot manufacturing facility

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IRradiance Glass, Inc. (IRG), a client of the UCF Business Incubator, recently moved into one of the newly renovated lab spaces at the Research Park Incubator location.  Over 1,200 square feet of offices and lab area will provide IRG the next level of facilities support for increased R&D activity and pave the way for pilot manufacturing.

$5 Million Renovation and Expansion Complete at UCF Business Incubator in Research Park

“Bringing new technology to market requires a bridge between the gap of University-driven research and full-scale manufacturing.  In order to make this jump, spaces like the labs here at the UCF Business Incubator provide the flexibility for IRG to focus on product development and to grow into larger operations in the future,” stated Dr. David Musgraves, President and CEO of IRG.  

The renovations at the UCF Business incubator totaled over $5 million, with $1 million dedicated to adding new lab spaces for start-up companies that have stringent environmental, health, and safety code requirements for electrical and chemical hazards.

Inside look at UCF Business Incubator’s $5M makeover

“New companies must strategically invest in people and materials in the early stages–the additional capital requirements for top-notch research and development facilities may be too much for a fledgling company to take on.  Having these resources at the Incubator at this point in our company’s life has been incredibly important,” said Jennifer McKinley, IRG’s Chief Operating Officer. 

IRG’s facilities include safety showers and a fume hood with additional floor space and infrastructure to support new equipment investments.

UCF’s business incubator shows off expansion, new wet labs


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