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    College of Sciences Alumni Chapter volunteers give back for UCF's Day of Service, Knights Give Back.

    College of Sciences Alumni Chapter volunteers give back for UCF’s Day of Service, Knights Give Back.

    Jennifer McKinley, member of the UCF College of Sciences Alumni Board (and IRG’s COO), volunteered for UCF’s day of service event, Knights Give Back, on October 3, 2015. Alumni and students worked to make oyster mats to help with oyster reef restoration efforts.

    from UCF Today:

    The oyster mats, constructed from mesh and oyster shells, are placed in the water to provide a natural substrate for oyster larvae to settle. Each mat is made up of 36 oyster shells recycled from local restaurants, hand drilled and attached with zip ties. The mats are then transported to each location where they are attached to each other, forming a large quilt-like structure where the new oysters settle and grow…More than 28,000 mats have been constructed thanks to the help of more than 25,000 volunteers.

    Learn more about the Oyster Reef Restoration Project and the efforts of many amazing volunteers in the Central Florida community.

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