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We design, develop, and manufacture
infrared optical materials for unique applications.
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IRradiance Glass, Inc. (IRG) is a manufacturing, research and product development company, specifically focused on the compositional design and hot forming of chalcogenide glasses. Chalcogenide glasses are materials that are transparent in the infrared part of light, the way window glass is transparent to visible light.

IRG manufactures chalcogenide glasses for applications in infrared optical components and optical systems. We specialize in compositional design and process development for novel infrared glass and glass ceramic materials.

Our company also has unique experience and expertise in the custom design and sourcing of infrared optical materials and product form, as well as the thermal, optical, and mechanical analysis of infrared-transmissive chalcogenide glasses.

Driving the expansion of IR-related technologies

We seek to expand the market for infrared optical materials through a wide variety of collaborative partnerships.

Design and hot-forming of chalcogenide glasses

We are a company that is focused on excellence and creativity in our products and in our interaction with our customers.

Innovative researchers with an experienced business team

We value the customer experience and want to provide competent, timely, and quality service.